Monday, February 12, 2007


i am standing all alone,
at home, at school,
all screaming at me insolently,
my silent tears unproven.

i am waiting for my turn,
for an offence uncommitted,
defenceless and powerless,
i'm beaten till i burn.

i am looking at my reflection
on the shiny marble floor,
cleaned and scrubbed for hours,
my only means for compensation.

i am weaving the fabric,
sequins and stones shining,
with every flash of colour,
a bleak future i pick.

i am gazing at the stars dim,
fireworks lighting up the sky.
with every cracker that you burst,
gunpowder scorches my skin.

i am getting dressed,
ready to be paraded around
and sold to some savage,
of my dignity i'm stripped.

i am lying on my bed,
trying to numb the pain,
the creeping familiar scent
fills my mind with dread and hatred.

i am playing in the park,
a stranger comes and lures me away,
amongst the flowers my innocence snatched,
i'm left with memories dark.

i am the child you all have known,
have seen and ignored always.
i am the child abused,neglected and battered.
i am just a child, have you forgotten????


written for 12th Feb'07- Youth Activism Day. Our cause- Stop Child Abuse.