Tuesday, May 04, 2010


On a wooden park bench, brown,
they sat since the sun fell and fled.
Of Euripides and Aristophanes,
He spoke and she laughed.

Languages rolled on a heavy tongue.
Strangers from across three seas,
strolled under a coy sky. Between
fallen stars and shooting leaves.

Blackbirds and woodpeckers,
cold-blooded crickets and cicadas
Encore, one after another heard.
Music memorized, like math.

Blades of grass tickled the feet,
knuckles wrapped into a tackle.
Silences recalled, into a vacuum.
The lonely metal lamp shivered.

On a wooden park bench, brown,
they slept till the sun rose and bled.
Moons travelled into outer space.
He snored, and she sighed.


  1. Oh! I loved this one... the words just paint the most quaint and fairy tale styled picture... I mean I could on and on about how lovely and perfect this is... but I reckon I am high on sugar at the moment so me shall jus shut up atm :) But I did love it... not like it mind you... :)

  2. I kinda like the imagery that this poem paints in my head...

  3. @zenmaster: :) Thanks.

    @aditto: Thank you.

  4. This is so pretty :) Love.


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