Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Rainy Evening..

The sun suffered a massive a stage fright,
And excused itself from our sight.

Shy fire, confused gray and a schizophrenic blue,
Cotton clouds, heavy and too full of hue.

Lightning threw a tantrum, thunder a fit,
Torrents after torrents, obligingly followed it.

Headlights blinked, traffic lights blinded,
Horns, yells and screeches, went unheeded.

The windows stared back, bleak and tired.
And back to their blinking screens, the ants returned.


  1. Sucking at poetry as much as I do, I can appreciate how hard it is to write. This was good. Did you really write it on one rainy evening? :)

  2. @Absolutely Normal Chaos: Thanks. And yes, I did. It was a beautiful evening and it started raining and I was stuck at work, so.. :)


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