Saturday, September 16, 2006


Cynics' Disenchatment with the world.

its such an illusion
this simulated world outside.
waiting to trick you into
this game of make-believe.

you want to believe
that it could be true
what you believe to be
your life,heart,soul..

an ocean of people
swarming on deceit.
a collective crime
of treachery and lies..

a friend would stab
you in the back,
a friend would walk
away witout a glance..

indifferent strangers,
cold and unconcerned..
devoid of any compassion,
humanity a delusion.

so many different faces,
so many different roles,
each played in conniviance,
with people and time.

they pretend and show
what they claim to be.
a facade of charm
draped over reality.

Know none,trust none.
cant extricate the truth
from the brew of false
intoxicating lure.

nothing is right,nothing wrong
it is what you want to be.
morals and principles are all gone
in this distorted fantasy..

i'm disenchanted,cynic now.
the magic's worn off..
let me come to terms
with this disillusion.....

knw its not gud..
but had 2 vent it out
sumhow,sum way..

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