Friday, January 07, 2011

An Old Wives' Tale

This is the perfect date, no webcam between us, he thought.
They shared a Diet Coke and ate fries. 

“I’ll wait for your status update.” She received a text as soon as she reached home. 
She updated her status immediately : 2nyt ws awsm, gr8, lulzzzzzz.  

The boy, heartbroken, deactivated his account.

The End.


  1. he should have learned to wait. how sad.

  2. @Kris - You are a very kind man.

    @Trisha- :P Btw, I forgot to tell you.. I saw an ad for The Third Ray and kept reading it as Trisha Ray, the way ahead.

  3. Surely the boy should have been tipped off as soon as the Diet Coke was ordered. The propensity for truncation always carries over to other parts of a personality.

    Short. Brutal. Enjoyable. :)


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