Tuesday, October 10, 2006


i lie here
asleep yet awake
unaware worthless
so lost so lonely
out with friends
seeking the true ones
failing ineviatbaly again n again
without foe or friend
i lie here
underneath this blue sky
seek redemption!?
i dunno what it means
i seek the meaning
on this ground,altar
of lies n deception
i seek the truth
know its out there
hidden waiting for discovery
i never found out
lied to n cheated upon
resolved silence
words could hurt much more
thier futility at the fore
forsaken by love
unforgiven by love
forotten by love
fearful of love
what is it that u seek?
what is it that i seek?
do we ever reach utopia?
do we ever cross this abyss?
do we?do we ever?

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