Saturday, October 28, 2006

Six Feet Under

Darkness falls around me
like the snowflakes
as they gather up,
a blanket to cover
the blinding light.

Crimson waves arrive
chasing away the
dying sun rays,
now ushering the
creeping stars.

I wonder if they will
shed their light upon
my solitary figure
enlighten me?
show me the path?

Its pitch-black around me
but for the pale moon,
for now its light,
a reluctant guide.

I see ghosts of my past
they havnt yet drowned
in the depths of dark
in which i’m floating,
in which i'm lying.

Ahead there is light
that burns my vision.
here is its absence,
enveloping me,
embracing me.

What do i do
to repel this light
i've now come to hate?
What do i do to
escape its overwhelming brilliance?

Let me hide away
in this omnipresent
shadow,larger than
my own shallow
imitation of life.

i'm tired,need my peace
even this obscurity,
being a non entity,
faceless and nameless,
satiates this want.

darkness falls around me
as i lay buried six feet under
numbed,devoid of pain.
life and light depart
Finally,i rest in peace.

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