Monday, October 30, 2006

Last Conversation

would i be missed
if i just go away one day?
would you miss me?
yes you would be missed
like the effervescent moon.

would tears be shed
in my grief?
would you cry?
yes i would, tears would flow
like the river torrential.

would the heavens cry
for my loss?
would they?
yes they would,angels would sing
like the mouring dove.

would the sun drown
upon my death?
would you drown?
yes i would drown in the pain,
like a hapless bird fallen.

would it be night
as darkness engulfs me?
would you be lost?
yes i'd lose myself in the dark,
like a candle smothered.

would the stars dim
with my sublime soul?
would you fade away?
yes i'd lose my substance,
like a frail fragrance.

would the birdsong cease
as i lose my voice?
would you stop singing?
yes i'd stop singing
like the joyful lark.

would the winds blow
in fury at my mistakes?
would you be angry?
yes i'd be furious at the titans of death,
like a wrathful Zeus..

would the earth shiver
as i do with fear?
would you be scared too?
yes i'd be so scared to lose you,
like the sun would fear losing its light.

would you but live for me
as i lived for you and i loved you?
say you would.promise you would.
yes i would live for you.
Like you would have,because i love you.

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