Monday, June 12, 2006

And thats how they met..

It will never be known as just a co-incidence that they met. Each was aware of the presence of the other.
Sana was worried how he’d react when they would come across each other. She had known he’d be there; after all, it was in his honour that the party was held.
Manu was going through the same thoughts when he saw her arrive. He quickly escaped into the kitchen to look for his brother, friend, anyone.
He was more than surprised she’d accepted the invitation. After all that had happened between them.
She couldn’t refuse, not while she was under her mother’s inquisitive eyes, which would detect any guilt from within a mile. So they went along playing, singing, and dancing with all the others. Never letting each other out of their sights. Keeping an alert eye out for the other. A nice charade they had put up and doing their best to avoid each other. But when you most desperately want something to not happen, it inevitably does happen and sooner than you would like. So the moment arrived. Manu’s mom brought him to Sana and asked,” have you shown her your drawings?” Manu just shook his head without looking up. And when he did, he found not his mom but Sana standing there and looking at him about to say something. but he spoke first,” I’m sorry.” she said”, its o.k. sorry.” then Manu’s mom shouted over the din, “come on. Let’s cut the cake...” Sana said, “I’m really sorry Manu. I shouldn’t have put that ice-cream all over your face in front of all them boys...”
“It’s ok...,” he replied, but now smiling,” I shouldn’t have pulled your piggy-tails.”
With that, they held hands and smiling went forward to cut the cake with five cracker candles on it.

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