Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sarah,My Princess

Sarah,my princess
i love her so,
i see her broken,in pieces
it hurts me so..

the smile i love,
is faltering by the day.
my princess' eyes blur
like the darkening clouds gray.

i watch her fall,smiling
unawares,into this abyss,
deep and ever widening
sucked into nothingness..

i remain helpless and disabled,
see her crumble down and retract
into her shell,impregnable,
desolate, in despair..

life turns hell and
then you die
i half agree,
but tell her its a lie..

my words seem hollow,
bereft of meaning,
they seem to be failing
my love and me..

my eyes seem as empty
without her looking into them
no reflection of my love
in that listless vision.

i can read her voice,
my princess sounds sad.
she's fighting valiantly,
and trying too hard..

she fears she's fighting
a losing battle..
i fear it may just be true,
but i cant concede defeat..

if only i could be there
and hold her to me.
and tell her how i love her
to the end of time..

if only i could turn back time
and stop her fading away,
bring back her essence,her smile,
so real,luminous and gay.

i'd take my sarah,my princess,
my love far away..
far away from fear, from death,
far from this world...

i'd take my Sarah,my princess,
my love to a new world,
a world i yet have to discover,
tell her to hang on...

had written it long time back. but found i could post it only now..

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