Monday, June 12, 2006

Fixing the hourglass.

fixing the hourglass

i'd like to sleep
some more,
but am jolted awake
by this disgusting alarm clock.

i could do with some
more tea and scones
but no i have to run,
and a train to catch.

i wish it would travel
a bit slow to let me
see the daily rituals
at a slower pace.

i watch the people
scurrying across,
like ants hurrying
to gather food for winter.

i see them trudge along
like androids mindless
just going on and on,
un-bothered by life.

i find time laughing
at us zombies
chasing it on all fours
while it eludes us.

i know we will never
keep up with it,
forget the high thought
of ever saving it.

i go and try
to fix the hourglass.
i think its running
a tad faster.

i fail,miserbly
ending up tangled
in old-spun webs
by time and people.

i decide then
let time run its course.
i'll go slow...
and let time chase me..

wrote this for a friend who went to fix the hourglass which ran a tad faster.

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  1. An hour-glass to stop time.
    hmm... I loved the imagination


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