Monday, June 12, 2006

Return to Innocence

I want to be in the rain,
drown in the downpour,
let it wash away my pain
and open all the doors..

doors to my childhood reopened,
memories of play and innocence,
untouched and pure,
returnedto my unscarred essence..

feel the drops go down
with my unshed tears
and let it drown
all my unspoken fears..

feel it cleanisng my soul,
releasing my mind
from the clucthes of old
uncommited sins and crimes..

like the trees turning
a pleasing hue of green,
after all the dust and grime
been wiped by the rains clean.

i want to be in the rain
.with the innocence of a child,
laugh like i've never laughed..
and cry like i've never cried..

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