Monday, August 28, 2006

Long road Journey

An ode to Nothing-I

long road journey:captive to nothingness:escaping its misery.

a long road journey
an endless way
an unknown destiny
an untrodden path..

lost and seeking,
crossed many mazes.
seeking and wondering,
gazed at many stars..

the skies opened up
and let down the rain.
the sun burnt up
the dry parched land..

a black dot on the horizon
lost in the sepia desert.
a mirage maybe,a vision
descending from the azure sky..

almost there,yet so far
fingers grasping nothing.
marked with so deep a scar
reminding of empty misfortunes..

its a long road journey,
an inherent curiosity,
to unravel our destiny,
a monotony of nil,null,none..

a captive to nothingness,
a vagueness of life,
this miserable nonexistence,
perhaps be over at the end of the journey..


hav written this after a really really long gap,so plz do read it n tell me if i still can write or hav i lost it.??

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