Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Thank You for Smoking.

it was the very first one,
just one i said,
i dont really wanna do it,
just for trying it out,dude.

out came the smoke,
formless and unaffecting.
where's the high i wondered?
whats all this fuss about??

tried to do it right,
like getting the tunes
of the song u love perfect,
again and again and again.

got myself a teacher,
who knew the ropes
n would be willing
to let me be his pupil.

learnt to take it in,
savour it,let it into me...
let it get me into a high,
let it give me that'thing'.

brain's fuzzy alright,
n oh yeah the high,too.
on a different plane altogether,
man,it was so cool..!!!

tried it once,twice,thrice..
now too many times to count.
it wasnt for jus trying out,dude.
cant u see i really need it???

need to get it into me,
play havoc with my senses,
get my system in a mess..
till i lost myself in the smoke..

enveloped by the smell,
habituated to the feel,
fingers would but naturally
reach for those cigs..

cool no more it seemed..
pocket n me both empty,
just an empty shell,
left with carbonaceous lungs..

a brain that keeps ticking wildly,
body prone to sudden coughing fits,
limbs shivering uncontrollably,
lungs gasping for that air..

i tried n i tried real hard,
to give it all up..
what was the use,i said,
in commiting slow suicide???

but never knew anything,
more difficult than this task..
even the much hated algebra
seemed like a cakewalk..

i'd try for days n days..
then get back for 'sometime'
no relapse,i'm on track..
but bloody weak willpower!

then extreme cures sought,
to get out before i'm dead..
had to sign into that prison..
n get rid of that poison within..

what do i do,dad?
i'm sorry,forgive me dad,i'd cry..
i promise i'll be good,
keep my curiosity in check.

jus for tries sake,no more,
let me out of here,dad please..
before i get more desperate,
n get onto worse stuff from here..

i worked real hard n finally,
it was all over,all done with.
free to walk out from asylum,
free to breathe in some fresh air...

life was good,life was up!
back with good ol' friends..
man,wasnt it a miracle..
how i survived that fate..?

met this dude,really great guy..
asked me if i'd like to try..
this really amazing thing..
n get to another level of ecstacy???

just once i said,for fun's sake..
it wont hurt to just try..
i dont really wanna do it,
just for trying it out,dude...

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