Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Peace-Maker

the peace-maker

Dont know where to go,
both my own,my blood and bone,
fighting against the other.

one has his pride
other has none..
one has her past before
the present...
one heeds neither the past
nor the future...

succumb to my own
selfish motives,
i support none
or so i do...
but to them i show,
i support both.

both are right,
both are wrong,
both blaming the other.
i hate to admit
but i dont want to
do that goddamned job..

i cant to do it,
i love them both..
i dont want to do it,
i hate them both.
a problem of your own,
resolve by consensus.

but no we are dragged,
into the war,somehow..
the burden of keeping peace
falls square on the kids..
stooping already with so much
on their spongy minds.

why give us those options
we cant ever take.???
why force upon us the choices
we can never make.??
why tell us to take sides
when we have nowhere to go.??

its not done,its so unfair..
asking me to settle for
a half-existent family..
asking me to balance fragile peace
between two avenging souls,
from whom i was born..

dont know how to be..
a peace-maker in this battle,
where either way there's loss...?????

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